Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

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Helps you with:

  • Anxious moments
  • Stressful moments
  • Focus
  • Tension
  • Mood 


Made from premium grade, 100% organic Oregon hemp - your daily dose of balance & calm is always vegan and gluten-free!

Includes citrus pectin to increase bioavailability 

Made with natural syrup, water, natural sugar, citrus pectin, natural flavor & color, malic acid, citric acid, full-spectrum hemp extract

Contains a total delta-9 THC concentration of no more than the non-detectable legal limit of 0.3%

Maximize Results

1. If you're new to CDB, start with 1 gummy. Assess your tolerance. Take 2 if needed.

2. Chew it slowly and thoroughly to maximize absorption.

3. Take it in the day and keep feelings of anxiety and stress under control

4. Take it at night to relax and get good sleep. 


Keep them in a cool, dry place away from heat


Lab Results

Your dose of


During anxious moments

You're in control

Improved mood
& focus

Enjoy your day with an elevated mood and relaxed mental state. Experience mental stillness and unmatched clarity.

Keep them at your

Most of our daily stress comes from work. Keep them near you for any-time relief of anxious or stressful moments.

Feel secure. regain control.

A relaxed mental state and added clarity can help you manage stress - a root cause for anxious moments.

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