EMPOWER Energy & Focus CBD Softgels
EMPOWER Energy & Focus CBD Softgels
EMPOWER Energy & Focus CBD Softgels

EMPOWER Energy & Focus CBD Softgels

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Overcome Fatigue

This 100% organic formula delivers focus, clarity, and mental energy, when you need it. Ideal for work or school.

With 20mg of CBD per softgel plus caffeine, CBG, B12 & taurine - EMPOWER helps keep your mind relaxed, focused & productive.


20mg Isolate CBD, 10mg CBG (cannabigerol), 500mcg B12, 100mg caffeine, 10mg taurine, MCT oil, gelatin, glycerin, beeswax, lecithin and purified water.

Contains a total delta-9 THC concentration of no more than the non-detectable legal limit of 0.3%

Maximize Results

1. Take 1 softgel daily to start your day

2. You don't need to change your daily routine if you already drink coffee

3. Take it daily or as needed for a boost of energy & focus


Can you use CBD for energy?

When taken in small doses, CBD can offer a mental boost and added clarity. This elevated mental energy promotes feeling upbeat, relaxed and focused. When taken in large doses, CBD can promote restful sleep and recovery. This can result in waking up with more energy and having more physical endurance throughout the day.

How to boost energy and motivation with CBD?

CBD for energy and motivation works by first relaxing your mind. In a relaxed state, the mind feels decluttered and making rational decisions can become easier. Stress may limit your ability to look ahead and stay motivated. CBD alleviates the effects of stress like anxiety and fatigue while simultaneously boosting your natural energy.

What is CBG?

CBG stands for cannabigerol and it is one of over 100 cannabinoids present in hemp. CBG has shown to help protect the degeneration of neurons. These nerve cells in the brain are responsible for helping our brains work efficiently. A 2018 study shows CBG's neuroprotective properties. CBG has shown to increase levels of anandamides in the brain, a neurotransmitter known as the "bliss hormone" responsible for regulating stress in the body.

Is it safe to take CBD and caffeine together?

Even though CBD tends to get more attention for its ability to help you relax and sleep well - the truth is that taking CBD at lower doses actually improves focus since your body and mind are in a relaxed state. This enables the mind to function more efficiently. Additionally, studies have shown that caffeine activates some of the same pathways in the brain as other cannabinoids like CBD, suggesting that consuming them together or separately is not much different at an internal level. CBD combined with caffeine offers mental clarity with elevated energy and focus to help maximize your efficiency at everything you do.

What's the right dose of CBD for energy?

We have taken the guessing work out of dosage and packed the optimal amount of 20mg of CBD, 10mg of CBG, 500mcg of B12, 100mg of caffeine and 10mg of taurine into a single, daily dose softgel.
100mg of caffeine is the equivalent to a cup of coffee. The 20mg of CBD is ideal for clarity and thought fluidity.

How does CBD for focus work?

CBD helps you quiet down anxious thoughts and tics which tend to be distractions while you go through your day. The mental clarity attained from CBD helps you focus on the things that matter to you.

Usually, we experience feelings of anxiety that may lead to other things like nail-biting and foot tapping.

Internally, what is happening is that our central nervous system is experiencing an unbalanced amount of stimulation. A habit like nail-biting is a reaction from the body itself when it tries to stimulate the body to a balanced state.

That is why nail-biting happens when we are too bored or too nervous. CBD helps bring that balance internally so that the body doesn't have to physically ask for the balance.

When you mix this enhanced balanced state with caffeine you're able to get a clean, natural, long-lasting focus and energy.

Can I take Empower Softgels CBD for memory?

A formula designed to improve your cognitive performance. Empower Softgels can help improve memory with 100mg of caffeine, a mental stimulant associated with improved memory (source) and 500mcg B12, a vitamin associated with brain health (source). B12 also helps protect neurons and nerves. Studies on Taurine have shown it can improve long-term memory retention (source).

Can I drink coffee while taking EMPOWER?

You should be able to continue your morning routine without issue. Each EMPOWER softgel has 100mg of caffeine - the equivalent to a cup of coffee. The recommended daily limit of caffeine in 1 day is 400mg.
If you're unsure about your caffeine tolerance, you should consult your doctor first.

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Work Better

CBD for Energy & Focus

How it works

Focus on the good stuff

CBD for Focus and Energy

Continuous Wakefulness

Experience long-lasting, natural energy. No jitters, anxious feelings or
increased heart rate.

Enhanced Focus

Tackle each day with purpose & enjoy a sense of mental clarity and improved
mental fluidity

Reduce Fatigue

Transition from groggy to alert as you start your morning. Continue your day with an elevated mood and attention span.