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A powerful daytime solution for energy

Energy, focus and clarity

Your daily routine and the pressure to perform your best at work are exhausting. Deadlines, added responsibilities and demanding supervisors are a few of the many hurdles you power through each day.

If you've craved a boost of energy beyond your daily Starbucks - we have something for you to get excited about!

100% Organic Ingredients


Keep your nerve and blood cells healthy. Low levels of B12 can make you feel fatigued & lack energy. B12 gives you a natural boost by turning fat and protein into energy.


Feel less tired, boost energy levels, jump-start your metabolism, and enhance productivity and mental function — mood, memory, reaction times, and mental awareness.


Supports nerve growth and a healthy nervous system. This means better control over feeling nervous, anxious or fearful.

Hemp Extract

Hemp extract excels at reducing stress & anxiety by controlling the production of cortisol. De-stress your work day and feel level-headed and in control.

Hemp Extracted CBG

Enhance the function of anandamide, a neurotransmitter responsible for pleasure and motivation. Helps reduce feelings of anxiety and pain.

A true difference maker

I spend a lot of time doing cold calls for work so I have been looking for something to help with anxiety and focus. This has really helped me be more myself because I don't feel as anxious.

Ana V. from Phoenix, AZ

I take a capsule every morning with my Starbucks and it helps me start my day with the right mindset. In my sales job it definitely helps me stay calm and focused while talking with customers.

Angela R. from Fresno, CA

Supercharge your daily routine

What it does:

✔️ Sustained focus for hours

✔️ Jitter-free energy boost

✔️ Enhanced productivity

✔️ Elevated mental ability

✔️ Improved mood

I'm a nurse and 12 hour shifts are definitely challenging. Since I started taking this supplement I have felt a lot more energized and in a better mood. Its helped me feel less fatigued at the end of each day.

Rowan B. from El Paso, TX

My attention span has always been all over the place. It was hard to get work done and stay on task without getting distracted but after trying this its like my mind got quiet and the connection with my thoughts got better. That initial burst of energy keeps me focused for a solid 3-4 hours.

Sandra C. from Anaheim, CA

Different energy, different you

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