CBD Solution
Sleep & Relax
Relax your mind & body to promote restful sleep. If you struggle to fall asleep or wake up - these CBD solutions are for you.


How does CBD for sleep work?

CBD can reduce stress, anxiety, pain and tension - 4 reasons why people struggle to fall asleep. The relaxing effects of CBD relax both body and mind. During this relaxed state, falling asleep and staying asleep becomes easier. CBD promotes deep sleep where most mental and physical recovery happens.

How does poor sleep affect your brain?

Poor sleep can affect your thinking, concentration, creativity and problem-solving skills. During sleep, your brain forms new connections that help you store new information. Lack of sleep affects short-term and long-term memory.

How does poor sleep affect your body?

Poor sleep can result in high blood pressure, inflammation, weakened immune system, risk of diabetes and heart disease. Poor sleep also affects weight gain. It creates an imbalance of the chemical signals that signal being full after a meal.

How does poor sleep affect your energy level?

Deep sleep recovers your body physically and mentally. When you don't get good sleep, you'll likely wake up tired and feel exhausted midday. Instead of drinking coffee for mental and physical stimulation, your body needs it just to stay awake.

How to choose a CBD product for sleep?

Tinctures are fast-acting and potent. Tossing and turning due to a big meeting or project tomorrow? Take some CBD drops and within 20 minutes you can feel relaxed enough to sleep.

Softgels are slower acting but last longer. Sensify’s AFTERLIGHT™ Softgels also include melatonin and CBN. Together, they promote deeper sleep and regulate the sleep cycle.

Will CBD make it difficult to wake up in the morning?

Unlike pain medication designed to make you drowsy and sleepy, CBD relaxes your body and mind. Which in turn, promotes better sleep. The key difference is that one forces you to sleep while the other helps your body act naturally.

You may find that you only need 6 hours of good sleep instead of 8 hours of bad sleep to feel a lot more rested. CBD excels at giving you more rest in less time. You may start waking up before your normal time because your body has found a better balance.

The first couple of times you take CBD for sleep, you might need more hours than normal. This is your body telling you it needs extra rest to feel balanced.

How do you know that CBD will work for you?

By experimenting with dosage.

Everyone reacts differently to CBD so it’s important to try different doses and be aware of how your body feels. Sometimes it’s hard to feel something if you’ve never tried it before. Although powerful, the effects of CBD can be subtle. Over time and with continued use you can learn how to use CBD correctly to maximize the benefits.

How does CBD for sleep feel?

The soothing effects will relax your body and mind to promote a sense of calm. Your body may feel loosened and your thoughts more clear and under control.