What is CBD? SENSIFY's simple guide.

Delta 8 THC Complete Guide
18 min read  Contents What is Delta 8? Where does Delta 8 come from? Is Delta 8 legal? Where is Delta 8 available? Delta 8 vs Delta 9 Does Delta 8 show up on a drug test? How long does...
How Do You Choose the Right CBD Product?
If you're new to CBD, choosing the right product can be intimidating. This guide shows you pros and cons of each plus an overview of when and how them.
5 Things You Must Know When Trying CBD
Trying CBD for the first time? Make sure you know these 5 things before starting.
Does CBD help with anxiety?
With over 40 million people living with anxiety - does CBD offer relief? Read here and learn more.
CBD vs THC - Whats the difference?
CBD and THC. Are they the same? Different? Find out here.
Does CBD Get You High?
The million dollar question - will CBD get me high? Learn the science and the facts.