Is CBD biphasic?

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Most people are unaware that CBD can be taken day or night. Since CBD's burst into the mainstream in 2018, the focus has been on taking CBD for sleep and Taking CBD for pain. As more research continues on the effects of CBD at different doses, we learn more and more exactly how CBD can help us live healthier, happier lives. 

This article will cover:

- What is biphasic

- The opposing effects of CBD

- CBD as a natural energy booster

What is Biphasic?

As it relates to CBD - biphasic is something that has 2 phases with each occurring at a different dose. One phase is triggered by a small dose and the other phase is triggered by a large dose. A popular biphasic substance is Alcohol.

Think back to that one friend everybody has.

The one who is social and lively after 1 or 2 drinks but doesn't usually finish the night with the same enthusiasm.

This happens because Alcohol in low amounts has a stimulating effect where users feel euphoric and energized. As the same person drinks more and more, they trigger the other phase of alcohol - the sedative phase. During the sedative phase, alcohol makers users feel relaxed and sleepy.

The Opposite Effects of CBD

Just like alcohol, CBD has different effects depending on how much the user decides to consume.

In small doses, CBD offers mental relaxation

In this phase, users can experience an elevated focus, improved mood, improved memory, mental fluidity and clarity. The effects of CBD, in low doses, relax and declutter the mind. Stressful or anxious thoughts are easier to control and users feel less overwhelmed.

In large doses, CBD offers physical relaxation.

in this phase, users can experience reduced muscle tension, reduced pressure on joints, reduced physical fatigue and better sleep. A large dose of CBD can help users relieve pain and get deep sleep where physical and mental recovery happens.

How Does CBD Increase Energy?

Prolonged stress places many limitations on the human body. Problems like fatigue, sleeplessness, anxiety, memory problems, mental fog, joint pain and muscle tension all result from stress. Ultimately what happens is people end up drained physically and mentally, completely depleted from resources to keep them happy and active.

Whether you use CBD in large doses at night to help you relax or in small doses in the day to help you focus - what you are doing is regaining the energy that stress has taken away from you. 

In the daytime, use CBD to find that mental clarity and mental agility. Your mental energy will be refreshed. Less clutter, less anxious thoughts, and less feeling overwhelmed can all result in better creativity and expression.

At night, use CDB in large doses to help your body relax. In this state - joints, muscles and nerves can each get a break. You can get deep sleep and wake up energized and refreshed in the morning.