How Do You Choose the Right CBD Product?

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Are you new to CBD? Although intimidating, choosing the right product will maximize your results. Before getting into product details, here are some general things you should know about CBD.

Does CBD Get You High?

It does not. CBD does not contain THC and therefore cannot get you high. For CBD to be sold legally across the US it must come from the hemp plant. THC comes from the cannabis plant. Similar plants, but different effects.

How Does CBD Work?

CBD interacts with your endocannabinoid system (ECS) which is responsible for regulating important functions in the body. These functions include sleep, stress, anxiety, pain, mood, memory, metabolism and immune response. When you boost your ECS with CBD, you help bring balance to all those important functions.

Do Different Methods of Taking CBD do Different Things?

The simple answer is no. Whether you take CDB as a gummie, oil, capsule, softgel or drink - once ingested the CBD performs the same function. The function is to interact with cannabinoid receptors in your ECS and help bring your body to better balance. 

So Why Should You Choose a "Right" Product When They All do the Same Thing?

This is where it gets a little more complex. Some methods will give you a stronger effect, some a faster effect, some a long lasting effect. Some will work better for sleep, others will work better for pain. Some will need big doses for an effect others require small amounts.

This Guide Will Show You a Breakdown of the Following:

  1. Pros and cons of different CBD products
  2. Who should use each
  3. How it should be used
  4. Which products to choose

Shall we begin? Let's go.

CBD Tinctures

What are Tinctures Good For?

Due to their fast and strong effect, CBD tinctures are the most popular method of using CBD. You can effectively use CBD oil or water soluble CBD nano drops to achieve similar results.

They both help with anxiety, pain, stress, fatigue and focus.

How to Use CBD Oil?

Place the desired dose under your tongue and hold for about a minute. Ideally, you want all the oil to be absorbed. If there is extra oil, just hold it for longer or swallow it.

How to Use Water Soluble CBD?

Same as oil but you need less to feel same or stronger effect. This is because water soluble CBD is 10x more absorbable than oil. Our water soluble tincture is made with nano technology. this means 5x more CBD per drop compared to oil.

How do You Choose a Dose?

For CBD oil start with a 10-15 mg dose and move up from there.

For water soluble CBD you can start with 5mg and move up.

CBD oil comes in different strengths. That means depending on the strength you choose, you will need a different amount in the dropper.

Water soluble CBD comes in 1 strength - 600mg. This means a full dropper is 20mg of CBD. A full dropper of water soluble is equivalent to 100 mg of CBD oil.

Which Product Should You Choose?

500mg oil - Use this one when starting out. It's a small investment and you get to experience the benefits of CBD with low risk.

1000mg oil - The most popular strength. Works well for people looking for moderate relief. 

1500mg oil - Best value for your money from all the oils. Helps bring relief to more severe conditions like chronic fatigue, stress or pain.

Water soluble - Best value from all tinctures. Equivalent to a 3000mg oil tincture that is typically sold for over $200. Works best for severe conditions like chronic fatigue, stress or pain.

CBD Gummies


What are CBD Gummies Good For?

Due to their long lasting and strong effect, gummies are best to manage ongoing stress, anxiety or pain. 

How Many CBD Gummies Should You Eat?

Each gummy contains 25mg of CBD so you know you're getting accurate dosing each time. 

1 gummy can help you achieve greater focus and concentration, a better mood, and a feeling of control over stress or anxiety. 2 gummies are better for pain, to ease up tension and feel relaxed. 

1 or 2 will be good for sleep.

How to Eat CBD Gummies?

Chew it slowly and throughly to maximize absorption while you chew and for faster digestion after you swallow.

Which Product Should You Choose?

Full spectrum CBD gummies - Can help you manage anxiety, stress, pain and sleep as needed. Each gummy is good for 4-6 hours.



What are CBD Pills Good For?

Whether in pill, capsule or softgel form - CBD ingestibles will have similar effects.

Our CBD softgels are each made with different formulas to help you maximize the wellness benefits you seek.

CBD ingestibles take the longest to feel the effect but the effect lasts the longest too.

Which Product Should You Choose?

AFTERLIGHT CBD for sleep Softgels

Good for sleep support and to regulate sleep cycle. Each softgel contains CBD for relaxation, CBN for deep, restful sleep and Melatonin to trigger the sleep-wake cycle. 

EMPOWER CBD Energy Softgels

Good for energy, focus, memory, concentration and enhanced cognitive ability. Each softgel contains CBD isolate for focus and clarity, CBG for mood and articulation, caffeine for energy and fatigue, B12 to help protect neurons and nerves, taurine to help protect heart and long term memory.

DAILY+ CBD Immune Support Softgels

Good for immune support. Each softgel contains CBD for improved immune response and to balance stress, CBG to protect neurons and boost immune system and astaxanthin to improve heart, brain, skin, bones, eyes and muscles.

CBD Topicals

cbd topicals

What are CBD Topicals Used For?

CBD topicals like creams, lotions, sprays or roll-ons help you target the are you want. 

Our CBD topicals for pain help you bring relief to either muscles, joints or nerves. You can apply it to the affected area and feel soothing effects quickly.

How to Use CBD Topicals?

Apply the desired amount over the affected area and rub it into the skin. if you use a roll-on application, you don't need to touch the cream with your hand. Simply use the roll-on to massage over the affected area.

Which Product Should You Choose?

ReLeaf+ - Use it for any time relief. Since you can massage the cream on, use it for large areas and for areas that need massaging. Use on nerves, muscles or joints.

Recover Roll-on - Use it post-workout or anytime to relieve aching muscles. Easy and fast application is always mess free.