4 Easy Ways to Manage Anxiety at Work

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Living with anxiety is no easy task. It interferes with your daily plans and your daily goals. At work - this can take a toll and affect your productivity. If you have been wondering how to deal with anxiety at work, we have put together some easy-to-follow tips.

Use these 4 proven ways to manage anxiety at work and feel calm and in control.

Deep Breaths

When you take slow, deep breaths you are signaling your nervous system to enter a calm state. Deep breathing increases the oxygen in your brain.  As your brain enters a calm state, it signals the rest of the body to calm down as well.

If you have ever experienced anxiety attacks, you may be familiar with the agitation that takes over. It becomes hard to breath and you fall into an irregular breathing pattern that is hard to control.

Breathe slow and deep from your stomach to regain control of your body. Controlling irrational thoughts gets easier when you have control of your breathing.

Use this easy breathing technique for any time relief of anxiety at work

Go For a Walk

You can disconnect from the setting that causes you anxiety to feel calm. If certain work vibes or procedures get the best of your anxiety - it's best to just step away for a few minutes. 
Try going on a 10-15 minute walk to help you disconnect. Stay away from your devices during your walk to improve the calming benefits.
Sometimes a distraction is all you need to keep yourself from feeling anxious at work. Don't let yourself remain in settings that cause you anxiety. It's easier to take a few minutes off than to risk ruining the rest of your day.

To-do List

An easy way to let anxiety take over your day is to keep in your head all the things you have to do that day. You'll overwhelm yourself mentally with all your responsibilities. Then you will feel physically and emotionally drained.  Anticipating the duties ahead of you can get the best of you and your thoughts. 
Make a to-do list of your daily responsibilities and put things down on paper and out of your head. This is usually enough to help you feel more at ease and in control of your day.

Use the Ivy Lee Method:

  1. Make a list of the 6 most important things you need to do
  2. On a new sheet rank the 6 tasks in order of importance from most to least
  3. Start your day with task 1 and don't do anything else until you're done with that task.
  4. Work down the list and complete as many tasks as you can. The ones you don't finish become the first tasks to complete the next day.

Pro-tip: Give yourself a 10-15 minute break between tasks. This will ensure you pay your undivided attention to each and avoid burnout.

Try Some CBD

Feeling anxiety is your body's natural reaction to stress. Whether you love or hate your job - stress is a part of work. Deadlines, high expectations, fear of failure or doubting your abilities. All main causes for workplace stress. Whatever it is - you can't avoid stress at work and you can't avoid moments of anxiety because of it.

Public speaking and performance anxiety at work are two major causes. CBD alleviates both issues. This is because of the hemp extract's ability to help you feel calm and level-headed. Performance anxiety at work is when you focus on coworkers and superiors judging you. You can use CBD to experience improved control over irrational thoughts. It also helps with the way certain situations might affect how you feel.

You can have some CBD handy at your desk for anytime relief of moments of high stress or anxiety. CBD tinctures act fast and are potent enough to help you feel calm and at ease at any given moment. The best CBD gummies for anxiety and stress offer you a long lasting and steady feeling of calm and relief.

cbd for anxiety at work

Final Words

Dealing with anxiety at work can have a negative impact on your productivity and your health. You can manage anxiety symptoms caused by work by following these simple tips.

If you're new to CBD, it can be a little intimidating to try something new. Here are some important guides to help you get started:

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